New Tome of Sou…

New Tome of Souls up at Difficult-Terrain! Discussing the building blocks of role play…

Tome of Souls Codex 1:2

“Debate aplenty has been spent and even blood spilt over the nature of man, the influence of his blood versus the circumstances of his life in his moral shaping, and the touch of gods and fate on what burns in his soul.”

– Tome of Souls, Codex 1 pt. 2 – Jareminkle the Elders “Elements of Character”


If the role playing aspect of a tabletop RPG is something additional to the game aspect (otherwise it would just be called a “G”), what are its equivalents to stats like strength, intelligence, and even skills and abilities? What are the building blocks of role playing and how are they quantified, if that can be done?

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