Cavs Win the Title

Love to NE Ohio tonight, congrats to the Cavs, and respect to the Warriors for an amazing series and playoff run.

I am a Lakers fan first and always, and LA is my hometown, but I was born in Ohio and moved back there thirteen years ago to witness an amazing talent develop first hand. We saw the games, the scrimmages, the fan events, and our boys met the team and got the signatures.

LeBron blew my mind and brought to mind my childhood hero, Magic Johnson. James never wanted to be the next Michael and it was never a good comparison. He’s about the pass, the triple double, as much as the dunks. And I remember the year he added the chase-down block to his game–who does that?

And then he bailed for Miami and I loathed his selfishness like everybody. He made me think of Kobe: the ego that destroyed one of the great partnerships in the history of the game.

When LeBron returned to Cleveland it was the pivot in his career and, as with Kobe, things were complicated with the fans.

Redemption is in the heart of beholder–or Witness–something every fan will have to weigh for themselves. But, LeBron has atoned. Maybe Kyrie should have gotten that MVP even, but that’s ok. It was LeBron’s night. Congratulations, from steamy LA.

And as for the game of basketball? Well, I’m glad there’s still more than one way to win a championship, dominant strategies ruin a game. This year the old truths won out:

Live by the three, die by the three,
the And1 is greater than the three,
And defense wins championships.

Also… Go Lakers, see you soon Luke Walton, and LeBron you are welcome here anytime =D