One thought on “Hollywoodlandtest.jpeg

  1. Hollywood Records, circa 1995 – this home page was one of three maintained simultaneously in lo-fi, hi-fi, and sci-fi modes. For low bandwidth connections, lo-fi was all text, but included most of the images from the full site as ascii art (by low bandwidth, we are talking about the 9.6 baud modems that were still common!) Hi-fi was what you’d expect in any modern site, with a combination of text, thumbnails, lite graphics and sound clips. What you see above is the decadent full page sci-fi homepage depicting Hollywoodland in full party mode as it’s invaded by gargantuan ants and moshers. All the rooms and signs navigated to additional environments customized for each major act on the label from Fastball to Queen. We worked with legendary comic book artist, Neal Adams, for the artwork combined. Additionally, our lo-fi mode was featured in Lynda Weinman’s classic web design book, Deconstructing Web Graphics. We got some great press coverage on this, too!

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